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Asian Ringtones for your phone

Highlight The Sound-Asian ringtones for your phone
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Asian ringtones for your phone.
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Maintainers: pain-is-ecstasy & marcos_dejesus
The goal: To provide the best ringtones of asian music we can find.

A little bit about us and the community: We're actually real friends in real life and communicate well. We share all our ringtones, books, music ect. pain-is-ecstasy is 23, mrcos_dejesus is 17. A bit of an age gap but we make do lol.

We are here to share our ringtones with you guys, we have so many. We are easily bored with ringtones and change them alot so we decided to share and let others use them cause hey why make your own when you can find one easier?

Be sure to join, check out the request post and download awesome ringotnes!